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The Academic Section, headed by the Academic Registrar, Stephen McAuliffe, is one of the nine administrative Sections of the University.  The Heads of Section report to the Registrar and Secretary, who is the Head of Administration in the University. The other Sections are: Communications and External Relations, University of Essex Campus Services, Finance, Estate Management, Information Systems Services, Human Resources, Research and Enterprise Office, and the Library.

Contacts in the Academic Registrar's Office

The main offices of the Academic Section are: the Registry, Essex Abroad Office, Student Support Office, Academic Standards and Partnerships, Employability and Careers Centre, and the Systems Administration Office, which incorporates the Examinations Office and the Timetable Office.

Areas of activity which are the direct responsibility of the Academic Registrarís Office:

Academic Section Staff Policies
Academic Section Resources
Useful information for new staff


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