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The Student Appeals, Complaints and Conduct Office co-ordinates all aspects of the administration and delivery of the Student Code of Conduct across all University campuses and services the Student Conduct Panel. The office is also responsible for managing the records relating to non-student exclusions from property or land owned by the University and the Procedure for Dealing with Prospective Essex Abroad Students with a record of Serious Misconduct.

Contacts within the office are:

Student Conduct Officer
Ms Penny Brearey-Horne
Mr Roy Clark
Ms Cassandra Sayer
Senior Administrative Assistant Mrs Sarah Allen
Administrative Assistant Miss Rebecca Bunker

All enquiries and correspondence to the Proctor and Student Conduct Officer should be addressed to this Office via Rebecca Bunker in the first instance (Room 5A.114 Colchester Campus)

Tel: 01206 874370            


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Student Conduct Process

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