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Resit Examinations 2015

When and where are the resit examinations?

All RESIT examinations will be held between 7 and 11 September 2015.

Resit examinations will be taken at the University of Essex and abroad at specific British Council locations - please see the following link for resit abroad information:

Your personal resit exam timetable will be published on 8 August 2015 at This will show the date and time of each exam, as well as your venue and seat number. You can report any errors with your exam timetable by using the link within the exam timetable system (e.g. if you are not scheduled for the correct exams, you have exam clashes, your individual arrangements have not been put in place etc.).

You can also print your Exam Entry Form, which you must bring to the exam together with your registration card.

You can also view the exam FAQs, the student handbook for exams, and exam room seating plans.

What are the fees for resit exams?

A charge will be made for each module that requires a re-examination or re-submission of coursework, as follows:

Per module 40
Masters dissertation re-submission 120
PhD 145

If you are required to pay a fee, you can do this via the online web results system at If you have not paid the fee before the payment deadline of 29 August, an invoice will be raised against your student account and you will have 14 days to pay. Please note that you will not be able to register for your next period of study or graduate if you have debt on your account.

I had Individual Arrangements for my Summer exams, are these still applicable?

Yes. If you had individual arrangements in place for the main examinations, the same arrangements will apply for the resit examinations.

Can I stay at the University during my resit exams?

If you require accommodation during the resit period, please contact the Accommodation Office.

When are resit exam results published?

The results of the resit examinations will usually be available 2 working days following the Board of Examiners meetings at the following link . If you have not been permitted to proceed you will be informed by letter, at the same time as the results are made available.  If you wish to bring to the attention of the Board of Examiners any extenuating circumstances which have affected the resit examinations, undergraduate students should complete an Extenuating Circumstances Form, which must be returned to the Registry by 4.00pm on Monday 14 September 2015.  Postgraduate students must complete an Extenuating Circumstances Form, which must be returned to the Graduate Secretary in your Department/Centre by the deadline published by them. 

What is voluntary reassessment?

Voluntary reassessment web page

Why was my June exam mark reinstated after I took a resit in September?

You were originally given the chance to take a voluntary resit by the June/July Board of Examiners.  However, the mark you obtained in September was lower than your original mark.  As this was a voluntary resit and not a compulsory resit, the Board agreed to reinstate your June mark.  If you are a second year student, you should note that only a maximum of 30 credits can be regarded as a voluntary resit.  So if you had to take more than 30 credits' worth of resits in September the Board could only reinstate a maximum of 30 credits' worth of June marks.

Useful Information      

Exam Results

Resit Examination Timetable

Student Guide to Examinations

Undergraduate Rules of Assessment

If you have any questions about the resit examinations, please contact the Examinations Office by emailing or calling 01206 872439 or 01206 872979.

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