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Student Satisfaction Survey 2005-06

The University's annual Student Satisfaction Survey (SSS) takes place at the end of the Spring term. Students are asked to rate their satisfaction with various aspects of their experience of studying at the University.


There are three questionnaires:

The SSS questionnaire for undergraduate students is the same as the National Student Survey questionnaire, with an additional section on degree content. The questionnaire for taught course postgraduate students is based on the undergraduate questionnaire. The research student questionnaire covers the quality of research supervision and training and the research environment provided by departments and centres, and also includes a section specifically for Graduate Teaching Assistants and Demonstrators.

Students are invited to respond to a series of statements using a five-point scale from Definitely agree (score 5) to Definitely disagree (score 1) or to indicate that the statement is not applicable to them.

In addition, all students have the opportunity to comment on particularly positive or negative aspects of their experience by adding free text comments on the reverse of the survey questionnaire.

Response rate

In 2005/06, the overall response rate for all the questionnaires was 49%. A detailed breakdown of the response rate is available.


The following reports are published (see below for notes on interpretation of reports):


Postgraduate Taught

Overall SSS responses for departments by question group

Overall SSS responses for departments by individual question (campus only)

Postgraduate Research

Overall SSS responses for departments by question group

Overall SSS responses for departments by individual question (campus only)

Notes on Interpretation of Reports

  • Results are published for each department and centre with more than ten responding students (undergraduates) and more than five responding students (postgraduate).

  • Results based on fewer than 30 responding students (undergraduate reports) are italicised.

  • The SSS results are presented departmentally. The NSS results are grouped by JACS codes and, in some cases, will therefore not correspond with the departmental SSS results.

  • Aggregated results are published for each section on the SSS questionnaire. More detailed SSS results will be made available to Heads of Department.

General information

General information about the survey, including the questionnaires, is also available.

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