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RTSG Competition Application for AHRC-sponsored PhD students.

 The AHRC provides the University with a Research Training Support Grant (RTSG), which can be used to cover the costs of UK and overseas study visits and overseas conference attendance for AHRC-funded doctoral students. The RTSG is administered by the Graduate School and replaces previous arrangements administered by the AHRC. 

All AHRC doctoral students are invited to apply for funding for their study visit and/or overseas conference attendance via the RTSG competition to select the most eligible applications for support from this limited funding.

Applicants should include  the following information in their application; full details of the study trip/conference; the reason for the study trip or overseas conference attendance; an outline of the associated costs, including an estimate of the total amount required to fund the study trip/conference attendance.  Applications must fulfil the criteria.

Your department will consider and rank-order all applications received by the deadline.  Rank-ordered applications are then sent for final selection by the RTSG Award Panel.

The deadline for applications to reach your academic department/school/centre is 20 December 2013

Late submissions will not be considered, as this is highly competitive funding.

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 Criteria for the award of RTSG funding

§  Applicants must be registered AHRC-funded doctoral students at the University and be within their minimum period of study.  

§  The proposed study visit must be for the purpose of conducting primary research and overseas conference attendance must be integral to the applicant’s research or to their development as a researcher.

§  Proposed study visits may be within the UK or overseas.  Proposed conference attendance can be overseas (not within the UK) only. 

§  The funding awarded will not normally exceed £400 per student per competition.   There is no minimum award value.   It is expected that students would be granted only one such award during their period of study.  However, students who have previously received this funding are free to make a case of exceptional circumstances to the RTSG Award Panel.  Students who have not previously received funding will be prioritised in the selection process.

§  All applications must have the signed approval of the applicant’s supervisor and the Graduate Director in the department.

§  Payment will be in the form of reimbursement.   Expenses will only be reimbursed when evidenced by receipts (or equivalent), covering all claimed expenses.   Claims for reimbursement and accompanying receipts should be given to Kay Wiggins, Research Team in Room 6.116 for processing.

§  Retrospective applications are not permitted.  Applicants must be for study visits and/or conference attendance undertaken from 20 December 2013.

§  Departments may choose to offer additional funding from their own resources.

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