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Undergraduate Rules of Assessment


The University’s Undergraduate Rules of Assessment apply to all students in all disciplines across the University. Rules of Assessment are used to determine whether a student can progress from one year of study to the next, what is required to qualify for an award and how a degree classification is arrived at in the final stage of study.

For some programmes there are approved variations to the rules. You should check Appendix A below to see if there are any variations that apply to your course. You can view the Programme Specification for your course and stage of study when you log onto myEssex, or via eNROL (module enrolment) when it is open.

Rules of Assessment pre-2007/08

Rules of Assessment for students in the final stage of their course in 2010-2011 (2009 rules):

  1. Principles of the Rules of Assessment Framework

  2. Framework for University of Essex Undergraduate courses

  3. Three-year Honours courses (including courses with a Preliminary Stage)

  4. Four-year Honours courses

  5. Foundation Degrees

  6. Diploma of Higher Education

  7. Certificate of Higher Education

  8. Certificate of Continuing Education

  9. Ordinary Degrees

  10. Certificate in Education

  11. Extenuating Circumstances

  12. Examination Board Discretion

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Appendix A.  Variations to the Rules of Assessment, approved by the Undergraduate School Board 

Appendix A - document for printing which contains the variations for the following departments

Area Studies
Art History and Theory
Biological Sciences
Computer Sciences and Electronic Engineering*
East 15 Acting School
(East 15 - Professional Code of Conduct, and
Professional Code of Conduct Technical Theatre)

Essex Business School
Health and Human Sciences
Human Rights
International Academy
Mathematical Sciences
Course/Module Specific Variations

*Please note that there are two sets of variations for the Department of Computing and Electronic Systems: one for students entering the second or final year in 2008/09, and one for students entering the first year in 2008/09.

Colchester Institute
Kaplan Open Learning
South Essex College of Further and Higher Education (SEC)
Writtle College

Initial Teacher Education Awards (ITE)

Appendix B - Glossary of Terms

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