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Coursework Deadline Policy for Undergraduates

There is a single policy at the University of Essex for the late submission of coursework in Undergraduate courses:           

All coursework submitted after the deadline will receive a mark of zero.  The mark of zero shall stand unless the student submits satisfactory evidence of extenuating circumstances that indicate that the student was unable to submit the work prior to the deadline.

No extensions will be granted:  A student submitting coursework late will have the Universityís and departmentís arrangements for Late Submission drawn to their attention. 

For work submitted after the point at which a mark of zero is awarded, marking is at the discretion of the department unless there are extenuating circumstances, which have been accepted by either the Late Submissions Committee or the Extenuating Circumstances Committee, and a model answer has not been circulated. Coursework may otherwise be marked for formative purposes (that is, no formal marks will be awarded).

Late Submission Guidelines


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