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Conditions of Use of Computing Service Machines

The University has laid down a set of Guidelines for Use of IT Facilities, which you must have read and understood before making use of any Computing Service Machines. These should not be read as a comprehensive list of Things Not To Do, but as an attempt to describe standards, adherence to which is in the best interests of all users. See also: Computing Service Handbook      

Accessing Central Machines

The fact that a connection to a computer can be made does NOT automatically authorise its use. As a safe rule, users should not attempt to use any central computer unless they have explicit written authority to do so. Specific restrictions apply to this machines:-

All other central machines, with the exception of unix4, may not be accessed.

Accessing Chat Lines

Use of Unix/Linux machines for Chat Lines is not allowed

Important notice about password changing

In the interests of security, all accounts whose passwords have not been changed in the previous four months will be automatically expired. Accounts expired in this way will receive several email warnings prior to being switched off. This will *not* result in loss of data, it will simply become impossible to log in to the accounts.

Security of your data

Any computer that is connected to a network can potentially be accessed from other systems on the network. Rarely, but sometimes nevertheless, systems administrators may scan your filestore - for example to monitor disk usage, or to locate corrupt data, or perhaps to assist you with a problem. Even more rarely, a rather more malicious intruder may attempt to get access to your filestore, with an intention to read, copy, modify or even destroy data.

Saving your files

The Computing Service cannot guarantee to backup all home directory files (also known as your M: drive). While every effort is made to ensure that copies of all home directories are saved to tape every night all students are warned that they must make their own copies of any important files. If you have lost a file then the Computing Service is under no obligation to restore the data and may make a small charge for restoring files that have not been modified within the last 30 days.

If you want to guarantee the security of your data, then ensure it is inaccessible from a network.

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