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Recovering Lost Files

File Restores

If you have accidentally deleted one or more important files, you may be able to recover them from Computing Service backups. Every night of the week, backups are taken of a large number of machines around campus. This includes all the Computing Service file servers which contain user's home directories (M: drives). 

If you want to recover files in this way, you should preferably complete the restore form or you can apply to the Help Desk who will direct you to an individual who will be able to arrange the recovery.

Students in the departments of Computer Science and Electronic Systems Engineering may have their files on servers which are not maintained by the Computing Service. Of Computer Science students, only first year undergraduates have their files on Computing Service machines. For E.S.E users, the Computing Service currently maintains the home directories of undergraduates but not postgraduates. Other users in these departments who need files to be recovered should contact the support staff in their own respective departments.

A different arrangement exists for data held on machines at the East 15 School of Acting.


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