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General Election Sites

IFES International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES)

Political Resources on the Net

Elections and Electoral Systems by Country

Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)

IDEA  - International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance

Elections around the World / W. Derksen

Lijphart Election Archive

European Political Resources

Parties and Elections in Europe

Klipsan Election Notes Election Notes: Daily International News of Elections, Elections Calendar, Election Returns, Election Results, Election Administration, Campaign Finance, and Electoral Politics

The Comparative Study of Electoral Systems

Manuel Álvarez-Rivera's Election Resources on the Internet

OMRI Election Information - Information about Post-communist Countries since 1995

OSCE Parliamentary Assembly - Election and Mission Reports online countries where OSCE had missions at election time


East European Election Resources

NCSEER Post-Communist Elections Project

Association of Central and Eastern European Election Officials

Centre for the Study of Public Policy (CSPP)


Country links: Election Results, Election commission, Parliament, Presidency, Government, other








  • IFES MOLDOVA:  legislation, election results, info on Moldovan institutions, news and commentary







Election Sources from Other Post-Communist Countries

Armenian National Election Commission


Belarus - National Assembly

Bosnia-Hertzegovina - OSCE Mission

Croatia - Election Commission (Croatian only; English index not functional)

Georgia - National Election Commission

Republic of Macedonia - 1998 parliamentary election resutls
Republic of Macedonia - Parliament

Slovenia - Republic Electoral Commission (includes links to results of the 1992 and 1996 parliamentary elections and the 1997 presidential elections)

Center for Free Elections and Democracy - Yugoslavia (link set to English version; Serbian version:


Various  East European Resources (or with East European section)

"One Europe or Several? The Dynamics of Change Accross Europe" ESRC project that examines contemporary processes of political, security, economic, social and cultural change across the European continent; the Programme has both east-west and north-south dimensions and many of the 27 projects are cross-country comparisons.

ICORE - International Committee for Research into Elections and Representative Democracy

Freedom House

International Constitutional Law / ICL Wuerzburg University

Comparative Democratization Project -  Stanford University

Democratisation of Transitional Societies in Central and Eastern Europe. A Project in the Department of Comparative Politics, University of Bergen, Norway

Tocqueville Reseach Centre - Research centre specializing in comparative cross-national political analysis

Fuzzy Statehood Project - University of Birmingham, part of 'One-Europe or Several?'

MINELRES directory of resources on minority human rights and related problems of the transition period in Eastern and Central Europe

Minorities at Risk Project (Post Communist States)


News sources (Post-Communist Countries)

Radio Free Europe

Post-Soviet Media Law & Policy Newsletter

Central Europe Online Home Page

Transitions Online: The ultimate source on Central and Eastern Europe and NIS

Armenian Home Page - Politics

Links to Belarus sources and news archive

Estonian Foreign Ministry Information Service

Latvian News Archives

Romanian Media

Russia News Today Home Page

Interfax News Agency - News and Reports from the Russian Federation

Russian National News Service

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