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Estate Management Helpdesk - Colchester Campus

Help Desk Supervisor Jan Long janl ext 2300
Help Desk Advisors Sharon Bell   ext 2959
Lauren McGrath   ext 2959

The Helpdesk is located on Level 6 of the Social Studies Building. Take the lift / stairs by the Campus Shop up to Level 6. Turn right out of the lift and then through a set of double doors. The first corridor on your right is the Estate Management Corridor, and the Helpdesk is the first office on the left.

Our normal opening hours are:

8.00 am to 5.00pm Monday - Thursday

8.00 am to 4.45pm Friday

Please note there are variations to these hours during car parking registration in October, these changes are advertised via e-mail.

The Helpdesk is the first point of contact for the following :

Fault Reporting : these can be reported via telephone, e-mail, in person or via the web. The following information should be provided to ensure that your enquiry is dealt with as efficiently as possible :

  • Nature of the fault
  • Location of the fault - Building, Floor, Room number
  • A contact name and telephone number
  • Who to contact to gain access to the fault (if this is a different person to yourself)

Once the fault has been logged, you will be contacted via e-mail with a job number, which should be referred to in the event of any subsequent query.

To report a fault or request works to be carried out,  please e-mail ems-helpdesk ( , call extension 2959, visit the Helpdesk in Room 6.003, or log the fault via the web reporting system.

Alteration Works : requests for small scale rechargeable alteration works should be made on an EP015 form and forwarded to the Helpdesk.

Lost Property : all items except student registration cards and large items such as bicycles etc. are held by the Helpdesk.

Car Parking : all car parking registration and queries with the exception of registered blue badge holders : students should contact Student Support, staff should contact Occupational Health. Further information on all aspects of car parking can be found on our Car Parking Pages

Issue of temporary keys : for contractors, exams etc.

Ordering and issue of permanent keys : for duplicate keys, keys for new members of staff etc.

Queries : regarding building, engineering, new building developments and alterations, grounds, cleaning, portering, telephone services, postal services, purchasing, stores and security.

Visitors : management of visitors to the Estate Management Section.

If you have any positive comments or suggestions on any aspect of the Estate Management functions, please e-mail Estates Information on via the e-mail address 'estates' (add

Formal complaints regarding any aspect of the service should be addressed to the appropriate manager in the first instance - these may be found on the "Staff" link.

To arrange portering services, please contact the Cleaning Supervisors on ext 3144 or email porters (

Fault Reporting

As part of the Estate Management Section’s continuous review of processes, feedback from customers and focus groups, the need has been identified for an additional priority when raising work requests at the Estate Management Section helpdesk.

The additional work request will be “Response within the same working day.”

As of the 1 August 2012. This additional work request will now become Priority 2 in our work request structure.  I have attached below the updated priority list for your information.

Please note that standard work requests will default to Priority 4 – Response within 5 working days (change in priority number, no change in number of days). 

 Priority list

 Response times to attend to emergencies during normal working hours


Appropriate people within the Facilities Group will respond to situations that are potentially life threatening such as:

 Ø  Fire Alarms

Ø  Bomb Warnings

Ø  Gas Escapes

Ø  Floods or serious ingress of water

Ø  Loss of the utilities, gas, water or electricity

Ø  People trapped in lifts (note: all lifts have means of communication with the Information Centre)

Ø  Total loss of power to an area or system

Ø  Smell of gas

 Priority 2 -     Response within same working day

Will respond to defects that could be dangerous or cause serious disruption to service delivery.  They will either resolve the problem, or make safe, during the same working day.


Ø  Priority alarms at the Information Desk, such fire pump failures

Ø  Lights out in en-suite toilets or on staircases

Ø  Water leakage

Ø  Broken glass

Ø  Damaged hinges on opening windows

Ø  Blocked drains but not sinks

Ø  Loss of hot water

Ø  Bedroom locks

Ø  Faulty fire doors

 Priority 3 -     Response within 24 hours

Will respond to defects that affect service delivery or living  environment


Ø  Emergency light “bleeping”

Ø  Blocked sinks

Ø  Kitchen equipment in student residencies

Ø  Faults affecting security of flat doors

Ø  Insect and pest infestations

Ø  Bedroom door locks

 Priority 4 -     Response within 5 days

Will respond to work instructions for planned maintenance during the week that they are due and defects that cause minor inconvenience.


 Ø  All planned maintenance work

Ø  Repairs to floor coverings, providing the problem does not constitute a trip hazard

Ø  Dripping taps

Priority 5 -     Response within 15 working days

Will respond to defects that cause no inconvenience and where alternative facilities exist


 Ø  Repairs and redecoration of damaged internal surfaces

Ø  Handrail and fencing repairs where the fault does not constitute a safety hazard

 Priority 6 -     Response times to be agreed

Will carry out minor alterations at a time when the relevant staff are available and it is convenient to the customer.  


Fault Reporting at Southend or Loughton Campuses

For Southend Campus, please consult the Building User Guide : BUG Southend (.pdf document)

For Loughton Campus, please call the Campus Administrator, Graham Cushway.


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