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University of Essex Computing Service
Eligibility for Access to Central Computing Services

 The following categories of people are eligible for access to central computing facilities at the University:

  1. Staff and registered students of the University.
    Students are automatically granted accounts at the time of their registration for the duration of their studies with intermitting students being treated as registered students.
    Staff are automatically granted accounts for the period of their contract.

  2. Staff and students who are leaving the University.
    The account is kept open for a grace period of three months to allow, for example, copies to be taken of files, to make alternative arrangements for email, to access on-line examination results. The grace period begins immediately after the termination of contract (staff) or the ending of registered status (students).

  3. Students in mid course at other HEIs who are resident in the vicinity of the University of Essex and who need access during vacation:
    Access to central computing facilities is granted on production of a student card and on written recommendation from a responsible staff member of the student’s department in their home HEI.

  4. People granted rights to use the Library on library premises, and not falling under any of the above categories.
    Restricted access to library desktop computers is granted.

  5. People on short courses sponsored by the University.
    Access is granted as needed by arrangement between the local course organisers and the Computing Service

  6. Visitors or guests of the University, or other special cases.
    Access is granted on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of the Director of Information Systems.

Richard Murphy
Director of Information Systems Services
2nd June 2011

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