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Charges for Use of Open Access Laboratories by Conferences

The University’s PC and Unix open access laboratories, managed by the Computing Service, may be used for conferences outside term time. All bookings are made through the Conference Office, who in turn deal directly with the Computing Service. Availability of laboratories for conferences is limited by the need to reserve sufficient provision for students and staff, and by the Service’s schedule for development work.

There is no charge for use of the laboratories for non-profit-making conferences run by a University department. A charge is levied for external-run conferences, and, subject to negotiation in individual cases, for internally-run conferences which make a profit. The scales of daily and half-daily charges are shown in the table below.

The use of the laboratories should not be the primary purpose of an externally-run conference, but should rather be a supporting function. In particular, it is not expected that external IT training organisations should be able to base their courses in the laboratories.

The charges are scaled to the number of seats in the laboratories. In the "seats" column of the table below, the number in brackets is the total number of machines in the laboratory; the first number is the number that it should be assumed will be available, allowing for faults or development work.

The list of laboratories, and the scales of charges, will be subject to revision from time to time.

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