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Support Worker Costs

The University of Essex employ Student Support Workers to support disabled students through the Disabled Students Allowances. The following are the recharge rates for this provision.  External organisations are not able to work at our campuses.

Rates for 2013/14


Hourly rate

Brief Description of Role

Practical Support Assistant (formerly Campus Assistant)


To provide assistance to students who may experience difficulties with the aspects of being at University including assisting with induction, orientation, social support and one to one mobility assistance for students with a visual impairment.


Library Support Assistant (formerly Academic Assistant)



To enable disabled students to access learning resources and materials by providing specific library assistance and to provide academic assistance around campus



To record various academic materials on to tape and read out loud to students when required

Workshop/Laboratory/Scribe Assistant (formerly Workshop/Laboratory Learning Assistant)


To provide physical assistance within laboratory/workshop/studio sessions and also act as a scribe if required writing down or typing dictation in any study setting.


Sighted Guide


See Practical Support Assistant

Study Assistant


As this is tailored to meet the individual needs of a specific student please contact the  Disability Service for further information

Examination Support Worker (formerly Exam Scribe)


To support a disabled student to gain access to the examination and fulfil its requirements. This covers the activities of exam reader, exam scribe and exam prompter.

Manual Notetaker (formerly Notetaker)


Note-takers take a full record of all information in lectures and classes and present notes in a suitable format for the student to access effectively. Assessors: please note that if typed notes are required for disability reasons then an allowance of an extra 30 minutes typing time per hour of lecture should be allowed.

Specialist Mentors;



(formerly Mentors AS, SpLD, Wellbeing)


To provide one-to-one support sessions to students usually to students who have mental health issues or Asperger Syndrome.  Mentors offer practical and emotional support by way of listening and problem-solving. They assist a studentís independent learning through advising and guiding on study strategies

Specialist One to One Study Skills Support  (formerly Dyslexia and Study Strategies Tutor)


To provide appropriate multi-sensory support to students with Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLDs). Assist them to develop organisational and independent study skills

Proof Reader, Communication Support Worker, Electronic Notetaker, Specialist Transcription Service, Mobility Trainer,

British Sign Language Interpreters, Language Support Tutor for deaf students, Assistive Technology Trainers


Please refer to a specialist external provider for these support roles.



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