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The university welcomes applications from disabled students. 

On your UCAS, postgraduate or other application form, you are given the opportunity to declare if you have a disability including, long term medical condition, mental health difficulty or specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia. You do not have to disclose this information to the university if you do not want to. However, you are strongly encouraged to do this so we can discuss support to ensure a successful study at University.

Applicants who meet the academic criteria for selection and who indicate on their application form that they have a disability will be contacted by a Disability Adviser with information about the support available.
If you are attending one of the
Open Days or visiting the University and would like meet a Disability Adviser to find out about the support available, please contact the Admissions Office.
There are some courses, which have a high practical, fieldwork or study abroad component, which may create some specific difficulties for some students. We will try to ensure that, where necessary, activities are accessible. If you have queries regarding your case, please contact us.
Any discussions about your disability or additional needs are separate from the academic selection process and are confidential.

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