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Examinations and Assessment

Do you have a disability, temporary medical condition or injury that will affect your performance in examinations?  

You can apply for individual exam arrangements by completing our application form

Arrangements vary depending on your requirements and supporting evidence but can include:

  • extra time for writing or rest breaks

  • advising the marker of your specific learning difficulties or autistic spectrum condition

  • a computer

  • someone to write/read for you

  • exam papers in suitable format (eg braille, large print)

  • a separate room

  • special furniture

Apply before 31 January to ensure your arrangements are in place.

After this deadline, there is no guarantee that arrangements can be put in place.  Priority will, during this time, be given to applications where the disability is temporary in duration and could not have been notified previously (such as recent physical injury).

The intention is that arrangements should enable you to meet the expected learning outcomes and to compensate for the restriction imposed by any disability without affecting the validity of the examination.

Do I need to reapply each year?

There is no need to reapply if you are on an existing course. If you have started a new course eg postgraduate course or have transferred to a different scheme, please email the disability team so we can check if arrangements are in place

Alternative assessment

Methods of assessment vary, although most courses are assessed on written course work such as essays as well as examinations. Some subjects also require practical, fieldwork or study abroad.

If you wish to discuss access to assessment, please contact Student Support

Exam arrangements for religious observance


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