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Budget Planners

Budgeting becomes very important when you come to University, especially as many students receive funding in termly payments that need to last till the start of the next term.

To work out your average income over the whole year, add up your yearly income from all sources (these may include student loans and grants, earned income, tax credits and benefits, family support, personal savings) and divide into a weekly or monthly amount.

In order to work out your budget you need to know where your money goes to at the moment.  It may be useful to keep a daily planner and note down everything you spend money on (whether thatís by cash, cheque, direct debit, etc.)

There are various budget planners available online, one designed especially for students is available from Credit Action as an Excel file.

There is a student calculator from Brightside.

UCAS also has an online budget calculator for students.

UNIAID has budget calculators for both UK and international students.

The Student Parents website has a budget calculator designed specifically for students who are parents.

Some companies such as Money Dashboard offer services to link to your bank account, tag transactions and set budgets.

The government's Money Advice Service website has a range of budget tools and calculators including their Cutback Calculator and Money stretcher calculator.

If you are in financial difficulty we provide money management advice and information. For advice or referrals please contact Student Support

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