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Debt Advice

Debts other than debt to the University

If you are already is serious financial difficulty donít wait any longer, please contact Student Support.
For money advice resources and tools see our Money Management page. For budgeting tools see our Budget Planners page.

University Debt

For information on how to pay, when to pay and what to pay please see the Finance webpages.
Tuition fee payment and deposit policies are posted here.

If you fail to adhere to the payment terms and dates then you will be sent reminders from the Income Office and charged late payment fees. If the debt remains unpaid your case will be referred to the Academic Registrar who will write to you, you must pay by the deadline in that letter or you will be withdrawn from your course.
If you are in financial difficulty and are unable to pay tuition fees by the deadline please come to Student Support early to discuss your case. For international students there is no financial support for tuition fees once you are in the UK. Therefore, it may be that the best option for you is to temporarily withdraw from your course, returning once you have secured the funding you need to continue.
You should also note that if you elect to pay your tuition fees termly and then default on this agreement you would not be able to pay termly in subsequent years.

EU/UK Undergraduates
Autumn Term Tuition Fees
If you have not paid your tuition fees by the deadline, you will be charged a late payment fine and will be sent an email from Income. In order to remain a registered student you must follow the procedures below:

  • All full time eligible EU and UK students since are able to apply for a tuition fee loan to cover the full amount of fees which they are expected to contribute. 
  • New part-time students starting in 2012 will also be eligible to take a tuition fee loan.
  • UK students should apply for this loan online or through the main student finance application form (PN1 or PR1). 
  • EU students should apply through the Student Finance Services European Team.  Be aware that this support must be in place before the first instalment of fees is due, otherwise you will be expected to pay this yourself (and be reimbursed once your tuition fee loan is confirmed).
    For more information see our EU pages.
    Tel:  (+44) (0) 141 243 3570
  • If you have not yet had your final assessment and/or your student loan please inform Student Support.
  • If you have not yet made an application for tuition fee loan you may still be able to apply provided you apply no later than nine months after the first day of the academic year of your course, you should contact Student Finance England immediately.
  • If you are still awaiting your assessment from Student Finance England you should pay the first instalment of the tuition fee to the University and claim a refund upon receipt of your assessment.
  • You should note that if you do not pay your tuition fee or fail to provide a satisfactory reason for non payment the Academic Registrar will be notified and initiate procedures for you to be withdrawn.
  • If you are experiencing problems with Student Finance England (or equivalent), or just want further advice please come to Student Support immediately for advice.
  • For information on instalment due dates and late payment charges please see the Finance website

Unable To Register or Notice of Withdrawal

If you are in debt to the University and you are not able to register or have received a letter from the Academic Registrar giving you a deadline upon which you will be withdrawn, you should obtain some proof of when/how the debt will be paid, for example if you are waiting for monies from a sponsor you should obtain a written document from them such as a bank transfer.

If you are based at the Colchester campus you should take this to the Income and Payments Office, Square 2.

If you are based at the Southend or Loughton campus you should contact Income and Payments to discuss in the first instance.

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