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Money Management

**new** Credit Explained: an unbiased, independent guide to all types of credit

**new** The Money Advice Service guide to managing money as a student

**new** Debt Remedy - free, anonymous online tool from Step Change (new name for the Consumer Credit Counselling Service)

**new** Payday Loan Survival Guide if you have taken out a payday (short term/high interest) loan and are struggling to repay. If you are thinking about taking out a payday loan come and talk to us first about your options.

If you are already in serious financial difficulty donít wait any longer, contact Student Support.

If you would like advice about consumer rights please contact the Students' Union Advice Centre.

If you are working or looking for a part-time job see our online information about working while studying.

There is a variety of online resources and self-help guides for money management and debt advice. For specialist advice or referrals contact Student Support. If you are being harassed or threatened by creditors, talk to a specialist adviser as soon as possible.

When assessing your financial situation look to:

Recommended resources

Try a grants search at Turn2us - use keyword 'higher education' then narrow your search by filling in other information about yourself.

The Money management section of the Citizens' Advice Bureau website contains information on how to deal with debt and money problems.

Moneysteps is an online interactive tool for debt advice.

The Credit Action website has a variety of resources including its Student money manual, money-saving ideas and a budget builder.

The Money Advice Service website has lots of interactive tools and information specific to students.

Save the Student is a student run website that offers lots of tips on student living. They have produced a free e-book that includes information on budgeting, student finance and funding, student banking, understanding debt and lots of money saving tips and tricks.

Further assistance

Specialist money advisers are available from organizations such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, National Debtline and Step Change (this used to be called the Consumer Credit Counselling Service). Beware of companies and registered charities that offer to buy, consolidate, or write off any of your debts.


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