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Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults:
Guidance for adults visiting or working at the University of Essex

Adults visiting or working on a University campus play an important part in the life of the University, whether helping to build or maintain the premises or visiting as part of the University’s wider community.   The University has a number of students and visitors who are under 18 or who would be regarded as vulnerable (for example some disabled students)

We can all play a part in keeping children and vulnerable students safe whilst working on or visiting a University campus. This is whether you are directly employed by the University, or working as a contractor or sub-contractor.
Safeguarding under-18s and vulnerable adults is covered by the law and by University policy and guidance.
Our actions can sometimes be perceived in a way that was not intended. We want to promote safe working practices for everyone on campus, whatever your job.

We must also take steps to keep ourselves safe. To keep yourself safe from possible allegations, please follow this advice…….
Unless it is specific requirement of your job  
X Instigate physical contact with students (this applies both on and off campus)
X Respond to physical contact from students. If this occurs, or you have any other concerns about student behaviour then report it immediately to your supervisor;
X Give any personal information to any student, for example, your address, telephone or mobile number, non-work email address or social network details;
X Accept or respond to a student attempting to give you personal information;
X Accept physical or verbal abuse from a student. DO NOT respond yourself, but report it immediately to your supervisor and/or to the Harassment Advisory Network;
ü Be aware that verbal interaction with students may be interpreted by them as offensive or as harassment, even if this was not your intention;
ü Report any unacceptable behaviour from a student to your supervisor and/or to the Harassment Advisory Network;   
ü Be aware that contact made outside of the University environment as a result of you coming into contact with a student whilst you are on campus, may have an impact on your employment;
ü Report any concerns about under 18s or students who may be vulnerable to a designated safeguarding officer. safegrd (non-Essex users add
ü Please, follow the advice in this leaflet, and keep yourself and our children and vulnerable adults safe!
ü For more information please see the University policy and full staff guidance on Under 18s and Vulnerable Adults

Statement on Equality and Diversity
The University of Essex recognises the value of diversity and is committed to equality of opportunity within the University. It therefore aims to create the conditions whereby students and staff are treated with dignity and respect and solely on the basis of their merits, abilities and potential, regardless of, race, ethnic or national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age, socio-economic background, family circumstances, religious or political beliefs and affiliations or other irrelevant distinction.
The University is committed to a programme of action to ensure that this policy is fully effective.
If you have any comments/questions on equal opportunities at the University please e-mail us on diversity (non-Essex users add

Useful Contacts

Student Support
Email sso (non Essex users add telephone 01206 872365

Equality and Diversity Unit
Email diversity (non Essex users add
Telephone 01026 873507
Harassment Advisory Network
Confidential helpline extension 4334 from an internal phone

Produced by:
Student Support
University of Essex
Wivenhoe Park
Email safegrd (non Essex users add
June 2010
Based on a leaflet produced by Children’s Safeguarding Service and The Essex School’s Human Resources Team

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