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Frequently Asked Questions

I am having problems in my flat/house what can I do?

If you are living in University accommodation you should contact a member of the Residents' Support Network. If you are living in private accommodation you should take advice in the first instance from the Students' Union Advice Centre.

I am being bullied what can I do?

The University has a Harassment Advisory Network which you can access for help and support. This is a confidential service.

I am experiencing verbal abuse what should I do?

The University has a Harassment Advisory Network which you can access for help and support. This is a confidential service.

I need some advice on my future career, who will help me?

The Employability and Careers Centre is available to you throughout your time at Essex.

How can I get help with childcare?

The Day Nursery on campus provides childcare for children under the age of 5. Alternatively, Colchester Borough Council keep a list of registered Childminders.

There are many private nurseries in the area check in the Yellow Pages for details.

I live on campus can I park on campus?

Only if you have a disability which affects your mobility. If this applies to you, contact the Disability Service for an application form.

How do I appeal against my exam results?

There are formal procedures for students wishing to appeal against results. Information on Appeal Procedures can be found in the Academic Section website and are set out in detail in the University Regulations, Policies and Procedures. Further information is available from the Students’ Union Advice Centre.

How do I make a formal complaint?

For information about the complaints procedure.

What do I do if I have circumstances which affect my coursework or exams?

To find out about extenuating circumstances visit the following web pages for

Undergraduate students and Postgraduate students

What is the Residents’ Support Network?

The Residents’ Support Network aims to help create a harmonious environment in which everyone can live and study. Each year a number of students are appointed as RSN Assistants and Co-ordinators. They live in the university residences and respond to requests for advice, information or emotional support. Contact details are available in the residences on notice boards.

How do I contact the RSN?

See contact details.

What study skills support is available?

Study Skills Workshops for all students are organised by Student Support. For further information, see Study Skills WorkshopsStudents also have access to study skills via the University Skills Centre and websites, including mySkills Online.

If you have a disability additional support may also be available – contact the Disability Service.

Where do I get my timetable?

Your timetable is published on the Timetable Office website.

What if I have a timetable clash?

If you have a timetable clash or any other timetable difficulty you should speak to a member of staff in your department.

How do I withdraw?

To withdraw permanently you will need to fill in a withdrawal form available from the Registry. Information is also available online as below:

Withdrawal Procedure for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught students

 Withdrawal Procedure for Research students

Withdrawal Form

Can I have my lectures recorded?

For information about this service see Listen Again.

I am going to be absent from my course what should I do?

Please read the Procedures Relating to Student Absence and Medical Certification for further information.

I live in a privately rented house and am having problems with my landlord, what should I do?

The Students' Union Advice Centre, Square 3, can offer help and advice on housing issues including contracts, they can also refer you to a local Solicitor if necessary.

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