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Applying for a Postdoc

  • Date: 16 March 2012
  • Time: 10:00am - 1:00pm
  • Location: 4SA.6.19
  • Target group: Second year and subsequent doctoral students
  • Trainer: Terry Barry

Session: A period of postdoctoral research - 'a post-doc' - is a common next step after a PhD. For a PhD graduate in the sciences aiming for a career in academia, a post-doc is almost a prerequisite. For PhD graduates in other disciplines, a post-doc is less of a requirement, but may still give you an advantage over your competitors for academic posts. A post-doc can also lead to a career outside academia in areas where research skills are prized.

In this workshop you will hear about the different types of post-docs and how to find them. You will also make your own assessments, for short-listing purposes, of some real applications for post-doctoral positions here at Essex. The views of an experienced selector involved in the actual selection process will be provided.

As a result of attending this session you should be able to write better applications and CVs, and therefore maximise your chances of getting an interview.

NB. Please note that a similar short-listing activity takes place in the “Applying for a lectureship” workshop, where similar issues are discussed. If you attend (or intend to attend) both sessions you may find some overlap.

"Extremely helpful tips/perspective ….The skills learned can be transferable to other occasions/application tools."


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