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Proficio presents: from PhD to pundit - using the doctorate in the popular media

Session: Media organizations in the United Kingdom and abroad often seek out experts to provide commentary on issues of the day. Hard scientists give their opinion on new drugs, social scientists comment on policy related matters, and humanities are often asked about events taking place in the arts. Some academics do only occasional commentary, often at the request of their University communications office or local media.  Others explicitly advertise their expertise, appearing regularly on national broadcasts or on the editorial pages of major newspapers. How does this happen?

After receiving her Ph.D. in 2007, Dr. Victoria DeFrancesco-Soto took up an Assistant Professorship at Northwestern University in Illinois.  After publishing widely on the impact of Latino/a immigration in the United States, she decided to leave her tenure track position to focus more on conveying the findings of social scientists to popular audiences.  She now appears as a regular commentator on CNN-Espaņol, MSNBC, and PBS, and has written for a variety of types of print media such as USA Today and The Nation.  Dr. DeFrancesco-Soto is also the Director of Communications at Latino Decisions and a Senior Fellow at the Barnard Centre for Women, Politics, and Public Policy.  She remains active in research and academia, serving as a Visiting Scholar at the Lyndon Johnson School of Public Affairs and the University of Texas-Austin.

In this seminar, Dr. DeFrancesco-Soto will discuss her career trajectory, media work, and tips for working with the media.  This seminar will be of interest both to those who wish have extensive involvement with the popular press and those who wish to undertake a traditional academic role but want tips on using the media for knowledge transfer and to maximize the impact of their research.

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